If a Lie Makes You Laugh Is it Still a Lie?

Well, yes it is.

This video recently came to my attention:

It’s funny and well delivered, but it’s so full of lies and disinformation that I couldn’t just let it go. Let’s take them one at a time.

We will be forced to purchase health insurance: Actually this is true; it’s the implication that I have a problem with. It’s true that everyone will be expected to have some kind of health insurance under Obamacare. Some people may see this as being “forced to buy” insurance, but for me, personally, I see it as “getting the opportunity to buy” health insurance, and this isn’t some sort of Frank Luntz rewording phrase. My wife and I have so many preexisting conditions that, for all practical matters, health insurance is unavailable to us, so “forcing” us to buy insurance is like “forcing” a kid to eat dessert.

It covers at least 10 million more people: She says this like it’s a bad thing. The uninsured cost all of us. As long as the medical bills of the uninsured don’t exceed their ability to pay, all is well, but once that limit is met it’s the rest of us that end up paying for their care. My wife and I are reasonably well off, but if either one of us were seriously injured or became seriously ill, we could very likely burn through all of our assets while the bills were still coming in. At that point, one way or another, it’s you, the taxpayer, that will be paying the bills.

Most of the uninsured are poor and can’t afford regular visits to the doctor, so they end up using the emergency rooms as their primary care physicians. This is the most expensive and inefficient kind of medical care there is, and you end up paying for it. Hospitals are obligated to provide care to everyone regardless of their ability to pay, and these costs are passed along to you through higher charges and higher insurance.

…without adding a single new doctor: Why should it? Why should Obamacare concern itself with the pool of doctors? I assume that Barbara Bellar (the woman in the video) believes in capitalism and a market driven economy. If for some reason people start going to their doctors more often, that would be a good thing for them and for their doctors. If the current number of doctors is unable to handle any extra load, it’s a safe bet that in short order there would be more doctors. It’s supply and demand at its most basic.

16,000 new IRS agents: This claim has been debunked by Factcheck.com and others, so you can read about that part of the lie there.

Congress exempted themselves from Obamacare: This is one of the more pervasive lies, and we’ve even talked about it here on Liars and Fools. There is no language in the bill that exempts Congress, the President or anyone else from the bill. Furthermore it wouldn’t even make sense for there to be any such language. It has been made abundantly clear (one would think) that under Obamacare if you already have an insurance plan and you like it, then you can keep it. So what could Congress possibly exempt themselves from? Congress already has several sweet insurance plans to choose from, so the only thing they could “exempt” themselves from would be the option to choose one of the plans provided by Obamacare instead of one of those that they already have available to them. The claim is so nonsensical that those making it are exposing themselves as being clueless about what’s in the bill.

There is, however one group that is exempted from Obamacare. Do you want to guess what group that is? No, really, guess. I’ll wait… The only group exempted from Obamacare is illegal aliens. This was one thing that the Republicans insisted on. So illegal aliens, who are generally among the most poor, will continue to receive free emergency room medical care. Way to go, guys.

We’ll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect: Some provision of Obamacare went into effect right away, others are being phased in, but the entire law won’t be in effect until 2014. The “four years” number indicates that this statement was originally drafted in 2010. In fact this statement has been circulating around the Internet for years. I can’t tell from the video if Dr. Bellar claims it as her own, but if she does you can add that to the list of lies.

So, yeah, it’s a funny video, and as entertainment goes it’s great, but as a legitimate argument against Obamacare, it’s just one long sentence packed with lies. It’s a pretty well established rule of thumb that when people start just making stuff up to support their argument, they don’t have much of a case to be made.

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